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For more than 15 years, ONTOPx has been developing, producing and distributing lamps and illuminants worldwide.

Our professional products are developed to the needs of industrial and commercial use. Above all, our customers have direct access to the manufacturer, with own developments, the service and the high and sustainable quality of all our products.

Our products are produced according to german quality and manufacturing standards and tested and approved by recognized certification bodies.


LED technology in highest perfection
We work together with our highly specialized partners. Our small network of selected producers turns our developments and products into reality. For us, direct contact and the exchange of ideas with our producers are crucial in the first phase of concept development. Together, we are looking for the optimal solution for a sustainable, innovative and meaningful product that distinguishes itself from the competition and offers added value for our customers. All production facilities and products are continuously certified by independent Institutes.


Optimization and innovation are the leitmotif of our technical development. For the technical development of a product, we work closely with experts from different fields. Together, the analysis of all technical parameters takes place. We are motivated to meet the challenge of developing and using production methods, materials and system components with a view to reliability, efficiency and benefits.



Our many years of experience have shown that good solutions always require forward-looking planning and intensive advice. Often the first ideas come up and at the same time analytical examination of light, material and technology. The focus is always on the effect of light and efficiency. This creates a first idea of what we want as a result of light. With the help of sketches, lighting plans and analyzes, the idea is concretized and thereby takes  into shape. The light result forms the basis of every consultation process.

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