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LED for Industy

Energy savings in commercial use - the part of energy costs for lighting in crafts, trade and industry can be reduced by up to 70 %.

The right light for working areas

Where work is being done and craftsmanship, a safe and well-lit workplace is particularly important for the employees in your company. Here, light must have a function - uncomplicated, with sufficient brightness and without failures - flicker-free, without a long on-time and without failure rates. Our flexible, controllable light solutions make it easy to adapt lighting to changing conditions

Good lighting is always energy efficient

In large rooms or production halls and offices, legal regulations apply for lighting, so there is a light calculation basis according to regional and national standard. This standard is obsolete and is based on long-overhauled lighting possibilities - we often encounter operating rooms with a bad lighting system, although the lighting system is completely oversized and the installation is done by immense investment costs. In addition, the current standard has not paid attention yet to energy efficiency in lighting. How much savings and retrofitting to a moderate LED lighting is possible is usually underestimated.

Quality and failure safety

Demanding environments require appropriate lighting solutions. Our products are made of durable material. They are robust and withstand heavy loads. Their long lifetime ensures that they provide the best light even in 24-hour operation over many years, without cost for maintenance work that has influence to the workflow in your company.

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