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Our Services

1.Analysis & Consulting

The first steps of our consultation is a comprehensive analysis of the existing lighting situation in your application, always keep in mind the current lighting guidelines and the personal customer requirements.

2. Survey:
Our analysis considers all features of the lighting system in their entirety and their compatibility.  It is our goal, to convince our customers by showing

the facts, the benefits and advantages of changing to LED technology.

3. Lighting design:
The previous analysis provides the basics for the performance of the new lighting system. We consider the actual conditions and all your requirements for the new solution of your lighting system.

4.Economics calculation:

For economic reasons, retrofitting to LED lighting makes sense in most cases.  The investments amortize by reducing electricity costs. The repayment depends on the average operating time of the lighting.


We always focus a test installation on-site to find the ideal lighting solution for our customers. Thereby the quality of a new LED lighting can be evaluated and measured in direct comparison to the existing lighting.

LED technology

in highest perfection

With the experience of more than 15 years, ONTOPx GmbH develops, produces and distributes lamps worldwide under various brands & OEM labels.

Obviously – who apply, retrofit, plan, develope & produce provides better advice!

Our customers appreciate the closeness to the manufacturer and the development - because with our own R&D combined with our own production, we offer full flexibility, best service and a reliable quality for our products. Use the big benefit from the direct contact to the manufacturer

We look forward to you!

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